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Producer “Good Morning Hawai’i”

   Michael, a native of Santa Monica, Calif., grew up as an athlete, dancer and all around Entertainer, starting at a very young age. The oldest of four boys, Michael began competing as a springboard and platform diver in the AAU as a pre teen and about the same time started taking dance lessons. These lessons included Hula lessons with Aunty Telu Mansfield and Uncle Kimo Mansfield in Los Angeles. This is when Michael became very involved in the Polynesian Society Luaus, The Keawe Ohana in Los Angeles and the Hawaiian culture in general. Of course, growing up in Santa Monica, as a teen, Michael had already made surfing a big part of his life, surfing locally at Malibu, Topanga, Venice, Zuma and all the regular local spots. He was also a part of the “DOGTOWN” crew and skate boarding’s early years.

    In fall of 1970, Michael was told about auditions for Walt Disney’s Christmas Parade and became a part of the Disney Ohana for several years. Michael worked as Mowgli, Pinocchio, a chimney sweep for Mary Poppins, as Mickey Mouse, dancing with the ‘Kids of the Kingdom’ and much more. All the while, honing his skills in surfing, rock climbing, skiing, skating and many other activities. Then began the trips to Hawai’i nei. Michael knew then, where his soul was being called. He married his long time friend (since kindergarten), Marisa, who is a native of Kaua’i and became a father of two sons, David and Kristopher. Michael and Marisa are now proud Grandparents of seven and living on Maui.

       Michael has worked in film and television as an actor and stuntman for many years and can be seen stunt doubling Danny Devito in “Deck the Halls” most recently. Other film, television and commercial credits include: Spiderman, Cheaper by the Dozen, Van Helsing, Dragonfly, Soldier, Home Improvement, The Nanny, Jay Leno and the Tonight Show, Baywatch, Pepsi, Budweiser, UPS and many more.

  “Good Morning Hawai’i” was born when Ernest Cartwright and Michael were talking one day in Los Angeles about being in Hawaii and working in “The Business”. Michael had this idea for a show and Ernest asked who he would like to have as a host. Michael said that his friend Branscombe Richmond, who was also living on Maui, were trying to figure out ways of working in our business here at home on Maui. Ernest thought Branscombe was the perfect person to be host. Michael then called Brascombe and asked, “ How would you like to be a household name?” The next day, Branscombe, Ernest and myself had lunch and the rest is………”Good Morning Hawai’i”.
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